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Hong Kong Design Institute


Gold Pin Awardee by 2017 Golden Pin Design Award


Selected Exhibit by 2016 Chinese Characters Design Biennale

Merit Award (Logo - Professional Level) by Hiiibrand Awards 2017

Experiment Experience Book Making


A Book which collaborated with Hong Kong Design Institute for the Experimental Book Design module. The book included the background and development of the module, interview with different well-known book designers who held a different kind of book design workshops for the module and showcasing the works from students. 


This book was selected as one of the Gold Pin Awardee by 2017 Golden Pin Design Award and has been chosen as a Selected Exhibit showcased in 2016 Chinese Characters Design Biennale in Taipei, it also selected as a Merit Awardee (Logo-Professional Level) by Hiiibrand awards 2017


Production Team - 

Manlee Wong (Copywriter) | Virgina Wong (Photographer)


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